"We’re beyond excitement!"

TechCrunch and Venture Beat honored Stella’s achievement with a nomination for a prestigious Crunchies Award in the category ‘Best Technology Achievement’! Of course we want to win this one! And we need your help! Would you like Stella to win the ‘Oscar for technology’?

Meet Stella

Who is Stella? Why is she so damn awesome?

Stella is the world’s first solar powered family car. Driving with your family in a comfortable car without ever having to worry about polluting or having to stop. That is the future we believe in. That is what Stella shows.

Stella brought the feeling of ultimate freedom back to the driver.

In 2013, Stella showed the world that we can truly have a sustainable future. And that future has already started. After winning the world championship in Australia (World Solar Challenge), Stella traveled across the globe, visiting four continents. From Singapore to California and from Australia to England. Stella was everywhere.

Stella was created and built by 20 students, so we’re nominated as a true David among Goliaths. Stella was a fully working prototype, but we want more! We want a clean future where driving is fun again. We want to see Stellas on the road everywhere. Winning this Crunchie would mean a giant leap towards that future we dream of.

Thank you so much for your support and let’s win this one together. For the future of us all. Don’t forget to share!